Life on board

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to charge phones, Camera, etc. on board?

Yes, every Cabin has 240 volt Norwegian plug sockets which are two round pins. If you are coming from overseas, then please bring adapters.

Is there Wi-fi onboard?

Reception is surprisingly generally very good in the Fjords and so guests for the most part feel they have adequate phone contact. The boat has a limited access wi-fi, which is used for boat purposes only i.e. Weather forecasts and safety Bulletins.

Is lunch provided for the day’s activities?

Yes, pack lunches are supplied for the day, and any dietary requests can obviously be discussed prior with the chef.

Are towels and linen provided?

On arrival your beds will be freshly made along with towels for the duration for the trip.

Is it possible to request a cabin to yourself or a double if you are a couple?

Yes, we try and keep two cabins aside for single supplements and will try and put couples in the double cabins where possible.

Am I likely to get sea sick?

No. The vast majority of the cruising area is in the Fjords where the sea state is generally very slight. If we get a bad forecast, we will tailor our passage plans accordingly. 

What are the Cabin layouts like?

Each cabin has a bunk formation with two of the cabins having the lower bunk as a double bed for couples. The guest cabins are in the old officer’s accommodation and so are comfortable and cosy for a boat, each one being unique in layout due to the vessels hull shape.

Take a look on the page about our vessel.

Can I have a hot shower daily?

Yes, absolutely. Water is limited but as long as everyone respects it is not a never ending supply we generally have no problems.

Are there other activities other than the main focus of the trip?

Absolutely. We do encourage this and depending on the season there are a few things to do: swim, surf, fish – you may well find your catch served at dinner!

Do I need to bring money on my trip?

You are welcome to bring currency (or a debit/credit card) for purchases at local stops, however once you have arrived onboard everything is included from drinks to your guide.

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