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Experience Norway as never before on our exclusive mountain biking expedition into the heart of the Norwegian fjords.

Fjord Mountain biking H & I Adventures

Adventure overview

Experience Norway as never before on this new mountain biking expedition into the heart of the Norwegian fjords. You’ll steam deep into the labyrinth of fjords aboard our boat Gåssten, which will deliver you to the wildest mountain ridges towering high above you. This is mountain biking at its most raw, and not for the faint-hearted!

This mountain bike tour in Norway takes you into the fjords, challenging your mountain biking skills, stamina and, at times, mental toughness. You’ll work hard for your rewards on this trip, riding and hiking your mountain bike to towering mountain summits before starting the steep descent back to the comfort of your private charter for dinner deep in the fjords. And with all your meals – even wine and beer – included in the tour price, you don’t need to worry about anything except getting dialled into the Norwegian trails.


Unique Accommodation

Gassten, your vessel for the trip, is a beautifully restored naval vessel, one of the last wooden Swedish Navy ships ever built. Converted to a very high standard, the Gassten sleeps 10 in a combination of double and twin berths, all of which served as the original officers’ quarters.

There can be no better way to experience Norway’s stunning coastline, than aboard this unique and elegantly converted wooden naval ship. Read full details about our beautiful vessel, Gassten.

This unique mountain biking adventure is operated by our partners H+I Adventures, who specialise in delivering the best mountain biking tours around the world. For all the details and to book your place on this world-first mountain bike adventure head over to H+I Adventures website.

Private Chef

On your cruise you will enjoy wonderful freshly prepared food by your onboard chef with an emphasis on fresh local produce. All dietary requirements can be catered for.

Small groups

We like to keep our groups small and matched in ability so guests can experience the adventure together.

Unique accommodation

The Gassten will be both your accommodation and transport throughout the Fjords. It has been converted to a high standard, including modern conveniences to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your stay.

A Taste of the Trip


On the first day of your Norwegian mountain biking expedition your guides will greet you at your H+I recommended hotel in Molde town.

Once everyone is gathered together we’ll transfer you to the vibrant harbour where you’ll take your first steps aboard the carefully converted minesweeper boat that will be your home for the week as you explore the fjords by mountain bike. You’ll have time to settle in and meet the crew before we meet for your pre-trip briefing over lunch, and a bike building session on deck.

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With handlebars straightened and chains lubed we’ll head out on our first ride on hidden singletrack, both natural and hand-made by locals, which weaves its way along the hillside and through the forest surrounding Molde.

When we return to the boat we’ll get showered and our captain will raise anchor from Molde harbour, heading for our first night port on the Veyoya Island. The adventure has most definitely begun!

Your talented chef, who has been working all day in the galley, will serve dinner onboard in the boat’s comfortable dining room and you’ll savour your first, delicious three course meal of the trip. You can enjoy the last of your dinner wine on deck, before retiring to your cabin for a very good night’s sleep on this remarkably stable boat.

Distance cycled: 15km (app. 2.5 hours)
Altitude difference: 550m

Day 2 – The Longfjord (Langfjorden)

You will be awoken by the smell of coffee and the gentle creaking of the boat at anchor. After showering and preparing yourself for the day, you’ll climb out onto deck to breathe in the fresh, clean air of the fjords, before sitting down to a fabulous breakfast.

You’ll have a short transfer from your anchorage into the harbour, where you’ll meet the vehicle that will take you 30 minutes by road to the start of your first big mountain day.

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This will be your first taste of what Norwegian mountain bikers call ‘push-biking’. You’ll summit two peaks today, the first starting with you riding, carrying and pushing your bike 670m vertical to the mountain top cairn. Here we’ll stop to enjoy our packed lunches and our first grand panorama over the fjords, before descending from the rocky plateau, through forests and out into flowing pump track-style singletrack all the way back down to the road.

From there we’ll ride along riverside singletrack, over some innovative fence crossings, to the foot of your second mountain for the day. Another challenging 550m of ascent and descent that will see you whooping your way back to almost sea level.

While we’ve been out riding the boat has moved anchor and we’ll join it at its new berth for a spot of fishing, stand up paddle boarding and refreshments onboard, before enjoying a few well-earned beers with dinner.

Distance cycled: 22km (app. 5 hours)
Altitude difference: 1200m


This morning we disembark the boat with bikes in tow, heading from Fanne fjord to the far west coast and the town of Farstad. From Farstad we set off up a rocky double track that gets steep in sections, and could require some pushing. We hit a very picturesque lake vantage point, then push the bikes for 30 minutes until reaching a plateau at around 400m. From here the rest of the climb is ridable, but requires you to grit your teeth at a few sections!

As we reach the cairn at 670m we’ll pull on knee pads and descend a truly fabulous singletrack trail that changes character a few times, and leads us to a mountain hut with wood burning stove and an immense view out over the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll take a short break at the hut before recommencing our climb to a height of 760m, before pointing our bikes downwards into a very long, fast and, at times, technical descent back to sea level.

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When we arrive back at the boat and your now familiar home, we’ll raise anchor and steam out of Fanne fjord, into Romsdals fjord and the town of Åndalsnes and our harbour for the evening.

Distance cycled: 18km (app. 5 hours)
Altitude difference: 950m


When you wake this morning and head out on deck, you’ll be met with a view of the 1200m Romsdal peaks surrounding the boat. We’ll leave the harbour by van and head to the top of the world-famous Troll’s Road (or Staircase) in the Trollstigen mountains.

This is a spectacular place, almost too much for your eyes to take in, and you may even spot the occasional wing-suited adrenaline junkie flying past. We’ll peel off the road at the top of the staircase and climb to 1000m to a corrie, which opens up into a view of a beautiful glacier, with peaks towering above you to 1700m.

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After a quick snack and many photos, we’ll start our descent on incredible rocky singletrack, then onto super-grippy slick rock before blasting out onto the road again. But that’s not the end: we’ll ride down part of the Troll’s Staircase before pulling off onto a sublime singletrack trail that will deliver us right back to town and the boat.

As you are showering and sorting kit, the team will ready the boat and start steaming to Stor fjord, where we’ll stop overnight in a sheltered bay to allow for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Distance cycled: 28km (app. 7 hours)
Altitude difference: 400m


We have a more leisurely morning today, as we steam to our next destination of Sunnylvs fjord. Your chef will already have the breakfast and coffee on as you’re showering and getting ready for the day.

As the steam comes to its conclusion you’ll have lunch onboard the boat, before loading mountain bikes and kit into the small boat to ferry everything to shore. We’ll shuttle up to 700m and your start point for this half-day ride.

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You will start with a double track climb that takes you to the headwall of the valley and a challenging 22 switchback singletrack climb. It’s mostly ridable but will require a short hike-a-bike section.

When we top out the singletrack descent starts and weaves through extremely scenic lakes, to a view point that looks directly into Geiranger fjord. Every view seems more breathtaking than the last in Norway and Geiranger fjord is no exception.

As we set off from the view point we’ll finish on a switchback descent that will deliver you back to the fjord shores and eventually the harbour, where the boat will be waiting for us.

Once everything has been loaded up and you’re enjoying a well-earned beer the boat will steam into Geiranger fjord, a UNESCO-protected site, where taking photos will take priority over beer drinking!

We’ll anchor up here for the evening surrounded by the majesty of this remarkable landscape.

Distance cycled: 10km (app. 3 hours)
Altitude difference: 600m


As you steam from Geiranger fjord this morning, you’ll experience one of the most spectacular breakfasts of your life, watching the immense fjord walls and waterfalls slowly passing you by as you sip your coffee.

Today will be the most technically challenging day of your expedition so far, so bring your big-boy pants, you’re going to need them!

Our destination is the small village of Fjorå, by the amazing and narrow Nordals fjord. From the boat we’ll transfer to 300m and then ride to 750m, where stop for a snack amongst traditional wooden cabins with grass roofs, overlooking the fjord down below and the mountains on the adjacent shore. From here to the summit of Mefjellet we push the bikes up to 1100m.

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The next part of your day is true mountaineering mountain biking; technical at times, steep at times and flowing near the end. There will be some pushbike early on in the traverse, but just a few hundred metres, the rest of the mountain ridge will be on magnificent singletrack. The descent back down to the fjord is through natural forest on technical singletrack.

On arriving at the fjord shore we have a short road ride to the boat, where we’ll relax, do some fishing and enjoy the surroundings before our final day’s riding tomorrow.

Distance cycled: 17km (app. 5 hours)
Altitude difference: 1100m


This is your final day in the fjords and last ride of the expedition, and you can be sure we’ve saved the best for last! To start the day you hop onto the small landing craft to take you and your mountain bikes ashore to the small village of Fjorå.

Once on dry land you will have a gravel and tarmac road climb that will take you to the small village of Liabygda, before pushing or carrying your bike to the summit of Liahornet at 961 metres, high above the fjord.

This descent is one of the best and most diverse trails on this adventure. From the rocky mountain top and ridgeline, to technical alpine singletrack, down through the tight forest lines, and out onto a flowing pump track-like forest trail that drops us straight back to the fjord floor and our boat.

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As we celebrate this unforgettable adventure, the crew will steam you to a tranquil anchorage en-route to your end location of Ålesund. As we steam you will have a few hours to sort and wash kit and prepare for your celebration dinner aboard the boat.

After another hard day in the galley your chef will deliver a meal that you will remember, in a location that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. All this accompanied by a few glasses of wine, laughter and stories from the week’s mountain bike expedition in the fjords of Norway.

Distance cycled: 16km (app. 5 hours)
Altitude difference: 1350m


We steam to port in Ålesund early morning to return in time to pack bikes and depart for the airport. Sadly today we leave Norway behind, say our farewells and transfer to Ålesund airport around 10am for your onward flight.

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