Frequently asked questions about your skiing adventure. Please email us if you have more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

What level of fitness do I need have for the trip?

Obviously to do a weeks ski touring your general fitness level needs to be reasonably good. We advise prior to coming for the week that you have been preparing by taking regular exercise i.e low impact for longer periods. A typical Ski tour would be a 1000 meters vertical over six hours but don’t worry, our guides will pick a pace and pitch to suit your group and never underestimate how energised your surroundings will make you feel!

Can I dry my ski boot Liners and clothing after the day ski tour?

Yes, we have good heating on the boat and find that most equipment is warm and dry by the morning.

Can I hire any equipment for the trip i.e. skis/skins etc?

Yes, please state this clearly on your booking form along with sizes etc. Hiring equipment is an additional cost.

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