Road Biking Adventures TRIP FAQ

Frequently asked questions about your cycling adventure. Please email us if you have more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

What level of Fitness do I need to be for the trip?

Riders should have ridden some longer, more challenging sportives with large climbs, as well as being relatively comfortable riding for 2-3 days consecutively. Our trips are generally more about adventure of being out in the Norwegian wilderness on your bike instead of intensive training.
A typical day is between 50 – 80 miles, although some will be shorter if there is a large climb. But don’t worry too much, the combination of the incredible scenery, cycling with a group and our guides will always make things easier.

Can I hire a bike with you?

Yes. We have a fleet of carbon bikes kept and maintained for our riders. Please contact us for details and state your requirements / measurements during the booking process. Please note that you should still bring your own pedals, cycling computers and accessories.

Who will I be riding with?

It depends on the booking. If you are booking singularly then you are likely to be in mixed group of up to 10 riders. But in general, expect to be riding with a bunch of like-minded people from different backgrounds that on the trip for exactly the same reason as you.

What should I bring?

Have a read of the cycling kit list but in general try to pack fairly light. A good waterproof jacket and a warm layer or two, as it can be cooler in the mornings and evenings.

Please note that if your bike requires specific tools to repair it, we recommend either bringing or informing us ahead of time.

Where will our bikes / bike boxes be stored?

All bikes will be stored with us on the boat in a custom designed rack. This is then covered with a special tarp guard against any spray. When in the Fjords the sea is calm and there is little chance of spray.

Bike boxes will be stored on shore at the start of the trip and picked up at the end.

Is there mechanical support on the trip?

Your guide and crew can provide basic mechanical support from the support van or on the boat. We carry repair kits and basic parts. Please let us know if your bike has particularly high-end or rare parts.

We have spare bikes if all else fails.

What sort of support is there on a the rides?

Every ride is led by at least one guide. There will also be a van containing lunches, snacks, tools, spares and whatever you chose to bring with you.

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